Sunday, September 26, 2004

I call this guy the Acro Circut Ranger. His head is a Beta Midget head with the front part filed down to make room for the 'tiara', which I found in a really cheap Gundam kit.

The arrows are from the Samurai Stifka kit and the bow was scratch built using some styrene held over a flame and then shaped, after which some putty was rolled really thinly and applied like what looks like wire wrappings. I was pretty happy that I didn't have to spend another $10 or $12 just for a couple of spare parts.

He also has a Soul of Chogokin gun in his leg hole, but I don't think I have a picture of it here.

Now that he is finally finished (it actually took about 6 months from the conception of the idea! Well, at least now I know...), I can present my Acroyear Anti Hero Battle Group, which had a better name, but I can't remember it now!:)

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!
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I gave the Dark Army guy a couple of Gundam shotguns and more of a 'real' paint job. Posted by Hello

Cut them down! Posted by Hello

Night will come and I will follow... Posted by Hello

For my victims, no tomorrow Posted by Hello

I guess I was feeling a bit psychedelic this sunday afternoon. Maybe it was the rain... Posted by Hello

We sold our soul for Rock n Roll Posted by Hello

Just stuck a bit of 5mm styrene tubing to the back of the Stifka quiver(?) Posted by Hello

Ha! HAHA!xxHA! The only one is this group that hasn't worked on, except for his stand which was painted...The Bounty Hunter Acroyear. Posted by Hello

Some of these figures I can make only one time, but this is one I think I'll make again one day. Posted by Hello

Got this sword off a Kotobukiya gun-kit. Posted by Hello

Another work in progress Posted by Hello

Here's closer look at the AFV pilot Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 19, 2004

eye candy for ya, a recently purchased clear Robotman. After all this time, I'm still not jaded...Oh, the color has been modified! Posted by Hello

I picked this one up at Wonderfest. I have to say I really like this guy. I carry him around with me everywhere I go. The sentiment expressed on his back is well recieved by about 98% of the people I know . Now some inividuals may consider it to be anti-American. When this issue was addressed at the Embassy, I declined to speak my mind. Here, though, I have to say, since when does being Anti-Bush mean you are Anti-American? Posted by Hello

I went ahead and drybrushed the head. You can see the shape better, I think. In this case, it almost appears to be in the shape of a 'w', which stands for 'wrong!' as far as I'm concerned. Posted by Hello

BTOL's Armed Forces vehicle assembled an primed. It's been modified a bit with the addition of the thrusters. This thing is going to take some time, I'm afraid! Posted by Hello

This guy is going to be a star. I still haven't attached the scratchbuilt missiler-bow, but it's coming up! Posted by Hello

I recently raided my G.I. Joe spare parts. I have only just primed them and done some undercoat stuff. I figured that as I had so many projects going, I should just fire these off as they may never actually be 'finished'. Posted by Hello

I think I'm going to use acryllic paint for the visor instead of enamel. I'd like to do a Yellow-into-red blend. Posted by Hello

WhERE is MAchiNE FOrce?!!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I picked up a black material force at Wonderfest and came up with this guy. Basically, I had started on the head about a year ago and then remembered I had it and the thing pretty much came together on its' own. It doesn't always happen that way!

I think I'll call him Aldous. Posted by Hello

The chest piece and shoulders are Beta Midget parts epoxied into place and painted. In this picture you can kind of see the 'aluminium' tubing that'integrates'/connects the Repto saw to the figure. It's actually a bit of plastice wire tubing, painted and stuck into one of two small holes, one drilled into the forearm and one into the saw.

Unfortuneately, I didn't get a good shot of the Repto saw connector. It's a (small) ball joint epoxied into the fore arm with the peg coming out of the saw. I had to drill and cut a bit to get it right, but it adds another point of articulation. Posted by Hello

The head is kitbashed from a G.I. Joe Cobra Viper (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong). I scratched out some styrene sheets to make mandables and molded the back antennae piece into place with epoxy. The antennae come from some leftover Soul of Chogokin, I think.

I painted the mandables, the face mask and the back of the antennae flat black/chrome silver drybrush for the 'steel' look. I found that the putty that wasn't perfectly removed looked good painted this way, as it looks like welding points.

I painted the cap 'tie-fighter style' and the eyes flat black with a couple of drops of clear fingernail polish. If you look closely, you can see a mistake I made where I had to cover with a little flat-black over the polish. Oh well, I can't work on this one project forver! Posted by Hello

The wingpack is made from an FC wingpack and a couple of ZOID wings sold as part of a 'custom upgrade kit'. You can still find them around. It has three points of articulation due to a new kind of balljoint type (new to me, anyway) which you can see below.Posted by Hello