Sunday, November 27, 2005

Posting update

I've gone and tried to enable posting again. If it works right, you have to go through a bit of troublesome code-breaking. I did this to discourage spammers, some of whom seem to like posting here for some reason. If you do go through the trouble, I do appreciate your comments!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I've been pretty busy. New band, new girl, life and work all competing for my time. Since some people are looking, though, I'll try to keep posting. Today, the main thing is the new Material Force figures. Please enjoy!


I got the head at Wonder fest. The weapon is by Wav Option.

Probably not too difficult to track down these guns.

WF head with Chrome Mat Force

Comparison. The one on the right is painted.

This is another WIP. Chrome Mat F head, Star Wars Storm trooper shoulder piece.

I gave this silver guy a Machine Force head and a Gundam fist for good measure.

The Gold chrome Mat Force head looks good on the Crab dude. I think I'm going to do a repaint with this figure.

This Gold Mat Force is slightly problematic as the chest piece is connected to the stomach piece too tightly, causing him to permamently stick out his chest. Shown here with Crabguys head.

Green chrome Mat Force with Destro head I had on another figure.

From the Graveyard

Since I haven't had time to work on my collection, I figured I'd find some older stuff that I have more or less abandoned to post. This guy is a Lugnuthead body, painted with a Star Wars head.

I never did post this figure. It's a Nuts and Bolts figure from Wonderfest. Shown here with Micro Titan for scale.

Little story here. My friend John came out to Tokyo from Boston to hang out. At one point he was checking out the collection and he determined that this figure was the leader of my Microman army and that he/she disdained the use of hands. John is a crazy guy.

Ready reserves-Heavy Marines. Gundam figures with Beta Midget heads, a slightly painted bigger Gundam and a little Micro. Veterans of the Battle of the Meadow.

GI head on Mat. Force  /Hayate combo.

Wings from the first of the new Micros puttied onto the back of a repro. The head is a Gundam, placed backwards. A very early custom.

GI Joe head on repro Micro. Probably never to be finished.


Slow-going with this. I had to do this part twice, as the first time I used regular model glue which was not strong enough. I redid it with superglue and trained it with this weight as the bottom is slightly curved near the front. It is ready to be panelled.

WIP Idea

I have an idea of what I want to do to this Jango Fett ship. If I ever get around to it, I think I want to trim off about 15 cm of the nose and turn it into a kind of ant-grav skiff.