Sunday, May 15, 2005

Gtachapon head on Material Force. I collected this head two years ago and finally found a nice body for it at ToysRus. Very simple custom-it took maybe 5 minutes including putting on the sticker, but sometimes collecting the parts for this kind of thing takes time Posted by Hello

Star Wars head/GI Joe torso on Material Force body. The torso thing is a bit of pain-you have to do a lot of sanding and then stick the piece on with some smooth epoxy putty. He's still poseable. Posted by Hello

I think I repainted this guy three times and still couldn't get what I wanted. Posted by Hello

Here's an interesting one Parts are Mat Force body with GI torso, Military Force head shaved in half with a Transformers head stuck on the front for the 'death mask', some other bits...Paint job is something new I found out about at paint the figure glossy black and then run this kind of coloring polish all over it. It looks a lot like chrome when you see it in person Posted by Hello

I'm not sure you see this one that well. It is very difficult to get pictures that show how well this polish works Posted by Hello

I used a vintage Takara head for this one. I got the figure for free, as it was in such bad shape! Then I just put the head on a yellow Mat.Force and painted him. Posted by Hello

Another figure with this type of paintjob Posted by Hello

En guarde! Posted by Hello

well, I have to say that I stayed up pretty late before I thought I really wanted to do this... Posted by Hello

I stuck some guitar string in this guys' arm for the 'jangled-wire effect'! Posted by Hello

Work in Progress-Scorpitroid Basically a modified Zoid toy, not nearly finished but I thought I'd share the idea Posted by Hello

These two 'turbines' come from a vintage Microman vehicle from the 'Rescue' era. I don't remember the name. I only got a few pieces of it and they were pretty much in terrible shape...perfect for me as I like to do this type of stuff Posted by Hello

I'm still thinking about what to do with the back Posted by Hello

Here I want to replace the front gun mount with a ball joint, but first I have to cut that peg off and drill a small hole where the ball will go Posted by Hello

Stick that thing in there with super glue... Posted by Hello

Here's a cockpit from a Zoid toy I dug up.  Posted by Hello