Thursday, March 03, 2005

Back again! I finally found a place that I don't have to sneak around in order to post pictures. The following set is taken from stuff that I have had lying around for some time. I'll try to post again next week if I have the time. Cheers! mot Posted by Hello

Once in a great while I find something from Star Wars that I like. The figure this head came with also came with a cool computer/accessory. Posted by Hello

I think the head for this one comes from a Front Mission kit I picked up a long time ago. Chest piece is BM. Posted by Hello

I really liked 'Lugnuthead's' accessory... Posted by Hello

More Beta Midgetry. Posted by Hello

Here are a couple of works-in-progress. Has anyone ever owned a Galactic Cruiser than didn't have loose wheels? I just puttied them in place. Posted by Hello

Pretty much self-explanatory Military Force custom mixed up with one of the newer Micros... Posted by Hello

I call this guy 'Number 9' for some reason. He's a blue Material Force with a Star Wars droid head, a Beta Midget chest piece and claw-thing on his right arm with a piece from the Divemaster machine on the left. Posted by Hello

I found this Mazinger-type Gasshapon jet-pack in the give-away bin at Toy Cats. I gave it a quick paintjob, stuck in on there and voila! Posted by Hello

Too bad his feet, which I scratch built, are too weak to allow him a good place in my little pantheon. Posted by Hello

Acro Jester Posted by Hello

This Robotman is coming along nicely. Here, you can see the crossbow from the Robotman Ace (I think, correct me if I'm wrong again!:), which I have painted. The other parts include the Wafer Leaf upgrades and a Robotman II head that I found lying around in someone's pile of 'junk'. More pictures to come. Posted by Hello

I found a cheap Star Wars flight pack, stuck a bit of styrene tubing into the bottom and then connected it to a base I kitbashed from a Soul of Chogokin robot. Here, it has only been primed. One day, maybe I'll paint it... Posted by Hello

Not easy to get a good picture of this thing... Posted by Hello

Here is the Nanaka figure in its package from Robot Generation. I couldn't find an email or webpage, but I'll check again. Nice figure, but I don't if I'll put it together. It's pretty detailed, with a lot of flash, so it looks like it won't be so easy to do. Plus, I like the package! Posted by Hello