Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hi all, The following batch of photos were taken this morning at Tokyo Big Site, Wonderfest 2004. Enjoy! Posted by Hello

Tokyo Big site. At seven AM, it was disheartening to see the size of the line. The weather wasn't as bad as it could have been as there is a typhoon on the way to Tokyo. Next time, I'll bring a chair! Posted by Hello

Yamato-inspired scratch built resin kits Posted by Hello

A nice bit of wall art. Posted by Hello

The BTOL Ninja lady. One of them came home with me! It's resin kit, which I know little about. I don't know how I'm going to get this thing together. I think you need a rivet gun. Posted by Hello

The guy who was selling the Robotman-upgrade kits came up with this little jem. Posted by Hello

Imagine going over this artists' house and dropping acid! (just kidding). Wild! Posted by Hello

You know, this is so well done that if I ever have grand handy, I might just scoop it up. I'd be afraid to move it, though. Posted by Hello

Very weird. I like it though.  Posted by Hello

I think this was the table I was supposed to meet Koji, but I left the table list when I left the house in the morning! Maybe next time:) Posted by Hello

It's cool to see another persons' Micro customs. Maybe I'll join them someday! Posted by Hello

There were quite a few like this. I wish I had picke it up, though! Posted by Hello

A new Yamato type. The designer was friendly, so I grabbed this shot. Posted by Hello

The vehicles do have a lot of clear parts. When??? I feel like a little kid waiting for these. Posted by Hello

I honestly cannot wait for Machine Force. I've been going to the shop every day. Seeing them at Bigsite has only made it worse. They look great, especially the heads. They look more ornate and perhaps they are using a different chroming process (?) Posted by Hello

The Zero One guy. Should be onsale Tuesday, but I won't be surprised if I don't see until a few weeks later on Ebay. Posted by Hello

From what I could tell, Takara wasn't selling any Micros. Just tanks. Oh well, it's better than selling people empty boxes, I guess. Posted by Hello

A little something for everybody...Actually, I had expect to see a lot more naughty stuff than I did. I had read another report about an earlier Wonderfest where the guy kept ranting about how it's no place to take kids and all that. I guess he must be one of those 'wedge-issue-voter types'. You know the type, the kind that sat around during the 70's playing Led Zeppelin records backwards, the 80's holding bi-weekly prayer meetings, the 90's planning world dominion, and next year, who knows? Planning to install video cameras in all of our bedrooms? Ha, ha, ha, sorry...just good clean fun. Posted by Hello

Another favorite. It was sold out by the time I discovered it. The designer was really cool. He told me that it was a ' video-game tank'. I like the figure and the equally sweet paint job. Posted by Hello

I'm crazy I didn't pick this up. If it weren't for the fact that Machine Force should be out any day now, and also Zero One should be available somewhere (I hope) soon, I would have. !2.000 yen makes him about $100. Posted by Hello

Another nice kit I should have picked up. I'm just not sure how many resin kits I want to put together. Sigh! Posted by Hello

Clearly the most awesome 'toy' I have ever seen. It is remote-controlled, supple, fast, ariticulated, makes noises like you'd expect a space robot, has a big knife for a right hand, a left hand that extends it's clamp-like fingers and picks stuff up. Here, I caught it just as it knocked the head off the little plastic table. This thing is awesome. If it is ever mass produced, it will change the way we play with toys forever Posted by Hello

Here, it is about to extend it's clamps and pick the little plastic bit there off it's base. The action was too fast for me to capture, however. Posted by Hello

Sugoi! Posted by Hello

The guy sitting there said it isn't on sale...YET! Posted by Hello