Saturday, February 19, 2005

WONDERFEST WINTER 2005 What a day. Started out nice, then turned crappy...shivering drizzle and clouds. I had to break into my office to upload these pictures, and do it in a hurry, so please forgive my spelling errors. Also, if you have comments, please leave them. I don't have a counter or anything and sometimes it's not very motivating to do this kind of thing if I thinking nobody is listening. Enjoy and have a great week....Mike Posted by Hello

First thing I picked up. Sold out before I could go back and get more. Micro scale (of course!) Posted by Hello

Well, I was getting ready to take some pictures when Akubo-san came up behind me and told me no way. Sorry guys. Posted by Hello

Let's see...I will try to describe a little..1) They had some clear Material Force on display-Green, Orange and Red...2)Titans look KICK ASS-one had a medecine ball...3) A new Batman that looks just like the version from the first movie with that actor Michael something or other...4) Very cool looking Predators that will come with tiny replicas of the figures, the Aliens will come with eggs...5)A new vehicle that looks like the one they featured on their New Years' sneak peak-it looks like a completely different toy-line--not sure if I like it, but, whatever...the driver has a new point of articulation-a hinge joint in the middle of the foot. No word when (or if) this will ever come to fruition. Posted by Hello

They had a short video presentation. Pictures of Microman set to pulsing Goa Trance music. I wonder if Akubo likes trance parties? Posted by Hello

This dude was selling a complete do-it-yourself kit. Vintage chest style, comes with Material Force figure and (probably) a repro head. About $20. I picked up one. Posted by Hello

I have to admit I was bummed when the guy told me that they wouldn't be on sale until June. Posted by Hello

Now, who wouldn't want a few of these? Posted by Hello

I hope I can track these down some time...they are pretty much in scale with Micros Posted by Hello

Another view Posted by Hello

My favorite kits at the show, and I found them by accident! Posted by Hello

I thought this was just lovely, so I kept coming back to his table and getting more. I don't think my photography does it any justice. I haven't checked it out yet, but his website is at hmm, that doesn't seem to can try typing it in or just curse me..Posted by Hello

This stuff reminds me of Sci-fi paperback covers from the 50's and 60's. They were cheap, and Microman sized, so I picked up several. Posted by Hello

I love the kitschy feel of this Micro-sized robot. It's resin. What a great painter this guy is. Posted by Hello

What a kick ass bike. Too bad it's too small for a hoodman (by just a little). I would have bought one anyway, but the guy wasn't around and I was getting tired. This was made by the same guy who made the blue 'video game' tank last time. Bry, do you remember? Posted by Hello

Another view Posted by Hello

One dealer had a few customs on hand to draw in customers... Posted by Hello

I'm not really into Gundam, though I do sometimes get stuff for parts or whatnot, but this diorama was pretty cool. And big. The mechanic there is about 8 inches tall. Posted by Hello

This Geag looked pretty cool, but for a $100, I had to pass. Fact is, if you want to collect Geags, the task is daunting. There are many of them. Posted by Hello

The last table I visited, and I think the best Micros I saw. Yudaijin (and I'm not sure if I have the name right, but I am going to contact him), had an awesome collection of customs. Posted by Hello

Yudaijin does a great job mixing vintage Micros with the newer stuff, which I haven't found to be so easy. It's not just the paint job. The proportions have to be right and the parts have to 'match' as well. Posted by Hello

I think this one is also mostlt zoid parts. He wouldn't sell it. Would you? Awesome. Posted by Hello

It's prett hard to get a good shot off the cuff, but that's how it goes when I am working 'illegally'! Posted by Hello

The bottom part of this vehicle comes from a zoid upgrade. My picture doesn't do it justice, but Yudaijin is an excellent kitbasher and painter. Posted by Hello

Once he saw how into his figures I was, he started pulling more out. I guess he had already started packing up. Nice guy. Posted by Hello