Sunday, February 25, 2007


Overall, not the best show I've been to, unfortuneately. I wasn't able to get much stuff at all this time. I made some mistakes, as well. For one thing, I don't like Transformers, but maybe I should have skipped the main hall and stood in line for this Takara exclusive. At least I could have made some money!
Still, fun!
enjoy the pictures!

The first place I went and it was sold out. The sculpting is rough, but I like the design. I'd like to make one like this in 1/20 and I think I could maybe do it.

I have a feeling that this is actually a kitbash rather that a full sculpt somehow.

Here's a guy likes his legos...

I picked up the first set here. I have a bunch of this guys stuff now, but I never put it together. The casting is a bit rough. He's consistant, though, and improving.


Enari-san is such a genius, but what the heck is this supposed to be? I asked him, but couldn't understand what he meant. He still had some bikes and those little cars (of which I will turn into a helicopter-see below).

Seems like a lot of guys build stuff up with clay. I want to try.

The clear one wasn't for sale. Nice though! It's about 20 centimeters. The resin kit costs 10.000 yen. I passed. Not in scale!

I like it. Didn't buy, though.

This custom is outstanding! I think I might make a copy...same guy does the Acroyears below. I had more pics, but as I don't use flash, they came out like crap. I hate flash, though.

Sold Out again! I really want to get like four of these things, customize with an Antron and make a Mercenary Ant Squad.

sticker art

I've been thinking about getting into this genre for a while because if you want stuff like cruisers and destroyers, you have to go smaller. Especially if you live in an apartment!

This guy always has cool stuff. I haven't bought any yet because I am intimidated by the paint jobs. Maybe one day, I'll get a little better and try!

The only reason I did't buy this one was because the guy was saying it was some kind of character from a movie or anime series or something. I prefer original stuff if I can find it.

I should have bought this. It would make a mean Battle Cruiser. It's about the same size, too. Damn.

I think maybe this was sold at the last show. They had a picture of it in the ticket, anyway...

After around 12:30, the place got pretty much taken over by cos-players. I think that whole thing is really catching on...

New Stuff

Here are a few things I'm working on...

Jeff and I had a little after hours party