Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hi again, long time, no post. I went to Wonderfest yesterday and, as usual, I'm pretty tired from uploading all of these picures. The show was pretty cool, please enjoy the pictures and have a nice day!



Let's see, they had a pretty small Micro display this time and I didn't see Abiko san. Nothing earth shattering in the display. I like the Cyborg Superman, though. Everything in there had been seen in Tomoyoshi's toy report at Microforever, so I didn't take any pictures. Once again, no exclusives. You'd think they could at least take a material force and put a sticker on him or something. Oh, well.

Story of my Life

Nice Diorama

I don't know what the subject matter is, but I like it.

This was done by the guy who made that green bike a while back. I finally picked up one of those back after talking to him for a while. Nice guy.

I initially passed this up, then later, I changed my mind and went back for it. It was gone. Nice little jet, but not in my scale. The cool thing about it was that it was sold assembled and painted. Not cheap, though! ($110)

Tac Air!

Nice little company here. If they expand this line a little, they might get me.

I was thinking maybe this could be like a pilotless Acroyear drone or something of that sort. It was pretty expensive, at something like $150 for one, unpainted and unassembled.

If I started collecting these, it would be all over. I mean, you can't just have a few attack helicopters. They need to support other units, which in turn need support and don't forget to build up reserves...

This one is just about the right scale for Micros, but I passed as I figured it would be too difficult to rebuild with joints.



I've been tinkering with this guy for a while now.

Another view. I'm not sure if I've put this up. The head is from the last WF,

Samurai Diorama

The figures are built on Material Force figures. I think I should have taken more pictures of this scene.

The guy who made this says that he is going to sell the armor kits at the next WF. Hopefully, yes!

Er...those guys should not be standing on the tatami with those boots...

Here are some custom parts by the guy that does those vintage-style material force updgrades if you remember.

Here's a Lego spaceship. There were quite a few Lego pieces at this show.


I almost bought this and am now almost regretting the fact that I didn't as I already have a little infantry squad that would go perfect with it. But, looking at the amount of time I'd need to assemble it, and then paint...I had to pass. Bad ass, though, ne?


I've seen these at Mandarake (or something like them). I wouldn't buy them, but they look kind of interesting.

The thing that caught my eye about this series was the fine detail of the equipment.


Like I said, I don't collect 'em, I just respect the artistry!

Sorry if I ramble...

It still amazes me to see so many parents with young children at these shows, all smiley and happily looking around. It reminds of a recent IHT front page that went something like 'Bush Puzzled by Anit-U.S Sentiment in Middle East'. If you don't see the connection, don't worry. I've been called 'esoteric', 'weird' and even once 'sophisticated'. Take your pick.

Aki would say this is sleazy

You know, the white cotton panties, the garters...pretty imaginative, though, don't you think?

I like the 'Galactic Warrior' chick to the right.

This one is a little too dark.

Now, please keep in mind...

I do not collect these kinds of figures. I sometimes admire the workmanship and enjoy presenting photos of what goes at the show so as to give a more complete feel of what actually goes on there. That said, I like the pose!

I like the hair on this one

I told a friend about this

and he wanted me to take a picture. I told him I would, but when it came time, I felt pretty shady. Maybe it's just me, but if the lady is going to let me take her picture, with her little costume, pouting...I mean, come on, I'll take your picture! So I couldn't do that. I took a picture of the scene, though.

I don't know...

I didn't take a picture, but there was a little girl (like, 8 years old) with her mom dressed up like some kind of goth character striking poses for some 40-year old guy with mom looking on approvingly. I can't be one to judge, but what would you think if some kind wanted to take pictures of your child all dressed up and posing? And don't give me any of that about how Japan is a 'safety' country. If you read any news about Japan, you'll know about the alarming levels of violent crime against children over here.


This Acroyear stands about as tall as a Baron Karza. He wasn't for sale and I didn't get any information about him. There was another one, a blue one and they didn't look like garage kits. Sweet.

With Flash?

Sometimes it's hard to get a decent picture with my camera when I am inside a building. Usually, I hate flash, but sometimes it seems ok, like maybe here.

Or Without?

In this case, I can't decide which I like better.

It looks like these guys are from Gatcha man? Or Space Battleship Yamato maybe? I'm not sure as I can't actually see the picture I am writing about. I did see at the show that Takara was making one of the characters from Yamato, though. It was the guy with the gray captain's hat.

Goji san

I'm not into it Godzilla, but there always seems to be one or two cool dioramas at the show. This one features a Mecha version that stands about four feet tall.