Friday, October 21, 2005

This just in!

I stopped by Toys R Us on the way to work and picked up the new Micro set. Pricey (about $25 US), but I'm pretty happy. I don't know if I like this thing with Toys R Us getting exclusives, though. They do overcharge for their stuff and Takara, by doing this, creates a kind of 'blackmarket' for Micros. What's the point, I wonder? What do you guys think? Maybe we can discuss it at the Embassy.

Though I don't really like the male figure, the female is quite nice, especially her harp. I haven't opened it yet and I might not as I don't have any more space.


Thursday, October 20, 2005


Bry asked me to post some pictures of the Exo guys, so I figured I'd oblige. I've also tacked on a few other things as you can see. Enjoy!


Here's a new Acro guy with my Nuts and Bolts guy from Wonder- fest. Not much to the Acroyear really, but a nice figure anyway.

Crab dude. The port on his leg-guard attaches nicely to the display stand for the kneeling thing.

I like this head, especially as I didn't know about it until I opened the package. Nice surprise. I didn't want to give it away, but I was asked to post some shots, so...

Well, this is how I put together my favorite of the new set, who I figure is a Micro, not Acro. I took out one of the sections of the tail. I won't bother assembling the Wyvern, though I do like it better than the other configurations so far.

Star Wars has pretty good weapons for Microman but I found this gun in $2 Gundam kit.

I thought a good place for the oversized Kicker sword was on the back of this Chogokin Mazinger chick.

Microman Infantry

Work in progress with GI Joe head and Gundam shotgun.

Work in progress

I'm going to try to take as much Gundam out of this thing as I can using sheet styrene to rebuild it.
I'm pretty sure scratch- building the cockpit and canopy are going to be the most difficult parts of this project.
The most fun part will be building the gun in the front and painting, which I intend to do in a new, more 'real' style.

I covered the holes from where the wings were as well as the telltale Gundam gun ports. I want to make my own gun, not have the four lasers that are built into the 'kit'.

I cut off the whole bottom part and will rebuild it with sheet styrene for a sleeker app- earance. This part shouldn't be too challenging. If you notice my finger, you can see where I puttied over a sawing mistake I made when cutting out the cockpit.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Micro-scene update

Well, here we are again. I've gone and added a few things to the blog, namely a counter and a Link- something or other. I've also changed the way I upload pictures so that now if you click on them, they appear much bigger, which is something I didn't expect but was pleasantly surprised to see.

I should also note that it appears that I may have disabled the 'comments' as I have been attracting spammers. I'll try to fix that up later, but now I have to go to work.

As far as the pictures, this time nothing major. I just wanted to update.

As always, enjoy viewing and thanks for looking.



I went to Shibuya and picked up this Giger relief by Mcfarlane. It's pretty weird and I thought it fit in with the whole 'Death Army' thing, so here it is.

Acroyear Temple Scene

Here we are on top of my computer desk with a few Acroyears

Just a weird scene here. The figure is an unpainted Wonderfest resin figure by Nuts and Bolts.

I still like this Palisades Pharoid. I thought the wings really made this figure.

I like to think of my Micro army as a kind of Tolkien-esque sci-fi war gaming set. The characters can therefore be mages, warriors or whatever and in my mind they are loosely based on the game Heroes of Might and Magic. For those of you who know what that is, this custom here is my first noble-class hero.

BTOL custom

I did such a bad job on the BTOL guy I got at Wonderfest that I just tossed the thing into the graveyard. The other day, I was thinking about what I should post and then I remembered him. I kept the torso and waist, changed the head to a Micro and used Military Force arms and legs instead of the BTOL resin parts. Still WIP.

I puttied the vintage-style wingpack onto this guy after reading someone's lamentations regarding the fact that the new line didn't (at that time) have 5mm ports in the back. This guy has been one of my favorites for quite a while actually.


This is the scene on top of my toy cabinet. A little bit of everything, really. The last couple of weeks I have just been adding small details to this group, which I like to thing of as my main Microman battle formation.

Star Wars Prop

This gun came with the hysterically articulated new Snow- trooper (he had one ball joint-on the right ankle). I'm not into those toys at all except for the occasional prop. In this case, I got two but I have only painted this one.

Yujin figures

I keep forgetting the name of this line...Cyber Warriors or something. I really only wanted the yellow and white one but I had to buy something like 10 boxes before I got the one I wanted. That's the catch with these. You can't see what it is before you buy it. Kinda like a crackerjack prize.

sneak peak at a new project

I plan to fully strip and gut this Gundam ship and rebuild it as a Microman starfighter