Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hi guys, back again. I've been busy but I still have a micro scene going on over here. I had to clean out my camera for the next festival which is next month, so here you are. Please enjoy, unitl next time


New Titan Speeder

Check out this eye candy for vintage fans! I took a car model and worked it a little...

put the Beta wiings on the bug dude

Mechanized Artillery

Don't worry about the stuff not being on right. It's only temporary. I think doing it this way will help me paint with more detail when I start hitting it with the airbrush.

These pictures show progress as of a couple of weeks ago. I've been really taking my time.

I'm greebling these machines with anything I can find...WonderFest parts, model tank parts, a Tron part, etc. They are being held on with plastic pins so that they can be removed when it comes time for painting.

BC cockpit

Though intended for something else, I've decided to upgrade my battle cruiser twin-seater with these WF parts.

It's good to have a dremel 'cause then you can do stuff like cut out a nice hole for this ball joint here...

WF bike

I got this last time and did it up. It was a pretty tough kit to get together but I liked it when I was through, so here ya go...

Wonderfest stuff

from the Midget guy. This piece has a lot of potential...

Disney in Shibuya

This is where you get Dysney stuff in Shibuya. I put the picture here to remind myself of something. I had to get back to one of the Embassy guys who was asking about that clear Predator guy. Well, I went looking for it, but couldn't find the shop again. This building is nearby, hence...I'll try again in Feb.


I don't think you'll find too many of these on ebay. I think it's called the 'Cosmo Countachi' or something like that. I was going to clean it up and had it out when my buddy Oscar noticed it and convinced me not to touch it. I put the picture here 'cause I don't think Paul has this on his site yet.

Another view

Sorry for the crap picture here, but you get the idea

Task Force Assets

I'm still considering this force to be more defensive in nature, considering the short range fighter/bomber and the heavy but slow mech...

You gotta love the detail they put into this thing. Expensive, and it cost me one girlfriend...she hated it so much she started a very public arguement...


Finally worked! I think this guy is going to get promoted to field com- mander...


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