Saturday, April 21, 2007

Update April, 2007

I'm back again, and still at it with this Microman thing. This time around, I'm featuring the photography of my friend Oscar, as he came over my house one day with his sweet camera...most of these pictures were taken with minimal lighting. He's responsible for all of the photos up to and including 'Air Defense Unit' and you can see more of his stuff (non-micro) at

Once again, thanks for looking!

Master Spy

My buddy Jeff says she looks like a bumble bee, so I think I'm going to do her up like one at some point...
Oscar "Hands in the pants? I can do that!"lol!!

Titan Commander

I finally found this pirate chick at Mandarake and liked her so much I built this stand for her from a Galactic Cruiser and put her in charge of the West Colony (That is, the westernmost portion of my room). I've renamed her 'Titan Commander' as I figure she has some kind of special bonus when it comes to commanding large robots...


I still haven't figured out this guy's role, but I have taken him out of storage and sent him to the colony...

Assault Lifter

I think I may have mentioned this before, but this is basically a Han Solo jet-pack thing with two Armored Core arms and a Lego-joint for a missle launcher-type thing. Oscar helped with the development by giving some ideas that otherwise might not have occured to me...

Seargent Major

This quirky little kitbash is in charge of the outpost's air defense...

More Acro Circut Ranger

Those who have been following this blog will remember this one probably. Oscar and I were just running out of stuff and still wanted to take a few more pictures...

Air Defense Unit

This is just a Star Wars gun painted nice...

Alpha Centurian

As of this moment, that's this guy's official name. He serves as the Field Marshall for the colonists...

More Titan Commander

Here's a few more shots of what I consider to be my coolest custom yet(which is only the stand)...

Gyro Coptor

I think that is what I'm calling it. It didn't come out as well as I hoped and so I gave up in the middle. Maybe one day I'll work on it again, but as it is, it's done for me.

More Mandarake Kitbashing

I've been making trips to Mandarake to try to find cheap kits to bash into my Microman collection. None of these kits cost more than a couple of bucks and they all have something cool. I figure it's more fun if it can be done on the cheap.

Mech Park-to-be

This area is currently under development. It will be used as a base for a group of larger robots I am now building, which will be placed under Titan Command.


Ground Control to Major Tom...

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Overall, not the best show I've been to, unfortuneately. I wasn't able to get much stuff at all this time. I made some mistakes, as well. For one thing, I don't like Transformers, but maybe I should have skipped the main hall and stood in line for this Takara exclusive. At least I could have made some money!
Still, fun!
enjoy the pictures!

The first place I went and it was sold out. The sculpting is rough, but I like the design. I'd like to make one like this in 1/20 and I think I could maybe do it.

I have a feeling that this is actually a kitbash rather that a full sculpt somehow.

Here's a guy likes his legos...

I picked up the first set here. I have a bunch of this guys stuff now, but I never put it together. The casting is a bit rough. He's consistant, though, and improving.


Enari-san is such a genius, but what the heck is this supposed to be? I asked him, but couldn't understand what he meant. He still had some bikes and those little cars (of which I will turn into a helicopter-see below).

Seems like a lot of guys build stuff up with clay. I want to try.

The clear one wasn't for sale. Nice though! It's about 20 centimeters. The resin kit costs 10.000 yen. I passed. Not in scale!

I like it. Didn't buy, though.

This custom is outstanding! I think I might make a copy...same guy does the Acroyears below. I had more pics, but as I don't use flash, they came out like crap. I hate flash, though.

Sold Out again! I really want to get like four of these things, customize with an Antron and make a Mercenary Ant Squad.

sticker art

I've been thinking about getting into this genre for a while because if you want stuff like cruisers and destroyers, you have to go smaller. Especially if you live in an apartment!

This guy always has cool stuff. I haven't bought any yet because I am intimidated by the paint jobs. Maybe one day, I'll get a little better and try!

The only reason I did't buy this one was because the guy was saying it was some kind of character from a movie or anime series or something. I prefer original stuff if I can find it.

I should have bought this. It would make a mean Battle Cruiser. It's about the same size, too. Damn.